Multifl0w brings multitasking to iPad, improves multitasking on the iPhone

I will preface this by saying that the application is for jailbreak users only. You didn’t think Apple allowed an app that changed multitasking in iOS did you? Well they didn’t, instead the creators of MultiflOw have their app for sale on the Cydia store for jailbroken iOS users. MultiflOw gives iOS users a very similar multitasking experience as WebOS or as the Safari browser tabs management. You can zoom out and see a cached image of all your open applications, then choose which one you want to jump back to. This application will definitely work better on the iPhone 4 compared to the iPad since the iPad only has 256MB of RAM, but it will work on either none the less. Now if only Apple could implement multitasking like this rather than the somewhat boring way of viewing different icons in a tray that they have now. Want to see MultiflOw in action? Check out the video demo after the break, then head over to MultiflOw’s website to learn more.

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