Is it official? New name is the iPhone HD? Comes in Colors?

All the blogs and papers are trying to figure out the name of the next gen iPhone since Gizmo’s well publicized recent outing. Well we knew that it would be either the iPhone 4G, iPhone 4 or iPhone HD. It seems as the captured screen shot from @TheTechReviewer, of what appears to be  in-store computers of the Apple’s new iPhone HD. It seems as though the leak also contains more revealing information. In the ad it states that this new iPhone HD is “smarter, better, faster.” Also states in the bottom left corner of iPhone colors? There was also something I mentioned recently in the Talking with Tnkgrl #25 podcast: that Apple should do like the Nano and release the iPhone HD  in colors. It appears my wish and millions of others is about to come to fruition.

Oh but wait! That small picture looks pretty darn familiar, remember? I posted this information of an artist render over at Spazio Cellulare. I personally think this is very fake but the name may be real. So although Apple may be announcing the next gen as the next gen iPhone as the HD, 4 or 4G, the colored phones may still be a figmant of our imagination or at least until Monday June 7th, when we find out for sure.

[via Twitter and thanks Kevin for the tip!]

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