Yet another Jailbreak for New iOS Firmware 4.1 for all Devices with Limera1n (How to)

Bought a new apple device or just updated your device, that you wanted to jailbreak, but couldn’t because it had new firmware on it that couldn’t be jailbroken? Well now your wait is over. Geohot just released a new jailbreaking tool called Limera1n, which jailbreaks any iOS device, including the iPad (3.2.2 firmware). The current firmware by apple for iPhones and iPod touches is 4.1 and now could be jailbroken, also any previous versions, such as 4.0, can be jailbroken.
First download LimRa1n and Here is the video demonstration on how to jailbreak.

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Video Calling For iPhones and all iOS Devices and with Android Devices Together

Have you ever wanted to FaceTime with other iOS device that do not support Face Time? Well now you can, with an app called, Tango. With Tango, you create a simple account and you can video call with any iOS Device and the best parts of this app are; you can video call over your 3G connection and with Android devices too. You heard that right, there is the Tango app in the Android Market also. Which allows you to do video calls within the two platforms.
Now you can video call with Tango, available in the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

Apple’s media event round up: iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle

Well well, what have we here? It looks like Apple’s event ran as expected with the announcements of the new iPod touch, iPod Nano, and the iPod Shuffle. So what is it that is new and exciting about all of this? Well actually, quite a lot. This wasn’t your average refresh with a larger storage capacity or a slight bump in specs. No, this was a full fledge relaunch of some of their products, especially the iPod Nano. Lets take a look shall we? Read more of this post

Apple’s Fall media event [Update – Apple officially announces September 1st]

Apple is known for holding a Fall event to refresh their iPod lineup, which gives credence to Bloomberg’s latest prediction. According to Bloomberg, Apple will be holding a media event on September 7th in San Francisco. Aside from the boring possibility of a TV show rental service, what mobile tech is expected to be unveiled at this Apple event? Well let’s go down the list. Read more of this post

Verizon iPhone and next-gen iPad spotted in code, field testing next?

BGR was sent an interesting piece of code yesterday, he received this from a tipster of his telling him that code shown above lets the device pass through iTunes activation. He also mentions this block of code appears every year regularly before an iPhone or any Apple device release and then removed before the launch. So why would any device need to bypass activation? Most likely they are going to do field testing with whatever is being tested, Verizon iPhone or next-gen iPad with 3G built in.

Secondly, they also received a tip saying the platform code of the CDMA iPhone is N92AP and the platform code for the next-gen iPod touch is N81AP.

We should expect a next-gen iPod Touch at the rumored iPod event next month.

[via BGR]

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BMW suped-up iOS 4 iPod Out

Today, BMW has announced that it will support the new iOS 4 feature known as iPod Out. What this entails is it allows most connected iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch (second or third generation) to output and display an iPod interface on a connected device’s external screen. That device, in this case, would be a future BMW and Mini vehicle, since BMW purchased Mini Cooper back in 2006. Read more of this post

iTunes wireless services finally coming?

BGR has found another “source” with some more Apple news. According to BGR’s latest source report, Apple is working on some cloud syncing services. There are going to be 3 essential services included in this new iTunes Cloud service. Here is what they are: Read more of this post