Fortune confirms Verizon is getting the iPhone

As with several reports of the rumored Verizon iPhone, the news is the same. But today, Fortune, the big boys of the business world have confirmed what we told you-all last year, Verizon is getting Apple’s iPhone. We’ve known that the testing was already well into the works on the latest iPhone. Verizon has been testing their network capacity with CDMA as well as LTE trials. Also, Verizon is getting ready to lite-up their LTE network in over 30 cities by the end of the year. What does that mean for Apple’s iPhone fans? Finally a choice in providers.

According to the report:

Fortune has confirmed that a Verizon iPhone will be released in early 2011.

And now that Verizon’s tiered data plans have kicked-into effect, you can bet that this was surely put into place for not only the company’s current handsets but for the data hogs to come, including the new CDMA, LTE or or dual band CDMA/LTE iPhone 4.



Best Buy jumps into Mobile Broadband service

Well, well what do we have here? One of the United States most powerful cellular phone and electronics retailers jumping into providing Mobile Broadband service to the masses.

In a Sunday flyer, Best Buy announced their new Mobile Broadband service. The service will offer an array contracts ranging from a 250MB for $30-contract free, to 5GB for a 24 month commitment. Hardware is announced at this time but we are informed Sprint will be the carrier of choice for this new deal on the 4G WiMAX network using a device called “Connect.”

[via Engadget via Best Buy Sunday Flyer]

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