Verizon vs. AT&T: How does your coverage stack up? There’s an app for that!

BGR posted a nice little iOS app found in iTunes called Coverage by Technomadia. The app functions as a simple little app that allows you to compare coverage maps of the four major U.S. and A. carriers. So if you are in the market for a Verizon iPhone, this app may help you make up your mind. Hit the source link for more information and check out the video of the app in action below.

[via BGR]


AT&T’s mark the spot app now available in the Android Market, T-Mobile where is yours?

The mark  the spot application has become famous on the iPhone. People can run around town marking all of the places where AT&T’s network is giving them issues. The app is simple enough, it is meant to report to AT&T so AT&T knows where it can work to help improve its network. With how big the United States is, its hard to make sure everything works perfectly everywhere throughout the country. That is why AT&T is getting voluntary users to help show them all the places that need work. Now we need T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon to make apps like this. Even though some of these networks are better and/or worse than AT&T, I think this is a good step in the mobile customer service department. All carriers should have this application to help show them where the network needs work. I have had first hand experience in Palmdale/Lancaster, California. The T-Mobile coverage map shows full speed 3G service throughout both cities, however there are a ton of places that 3G signal is non-existent. In many cases, even when there is 3G, the download speed is usually equivalent to the lower speed Edge network. So I hear by declare a cry out for help to all networks, find a way to allow your users to easily report network issues!


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