[Video] Palm Pre 2 hands-on

Looks like the latest chapter in the webOS saga will be the introduction of the Palm Pre 2. This new handset will sport a 1Ghz cpu, 5mp camera, streamlined design, support for Adobe Flash 10.1, better keyboard, new Stacks feature and a universal search capability.

  • Stacks – logically groups together your open apps so they work the way you do. Stacks keeps related items together so managing multiple tasks is even easier.
  • Just Type – Whenever you want to do something on your phone – whether it’s emailing, texting, searching or almost anything – just type! is open to developers, so they can integrate with the search function and add their own user-customizable shortcuts, called Quick Actions.
  • Flash Player 10.1 Beta – webOS now supports a beta of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in the browser, which provides access to rich, Flash based web content.

More information about Palm Pre 2, including features and specifications, is available atwww.palm.com/Pre2.