A Month With AT&T’s Samsung Captivate

Recently, I was given an opportunity to spend a good deal of time with AT&T’s flagship Android phone, the Samsung Captivate.  The Captivate is (Quite obviously) a member of the Galaxy S family, whose 4″ SuperAMOLED screens and 1GHz Hummingbird processors can be found on most of the worlds major carriers (See T-Mobile Vibrant, .Samsung Fascinate, Sprint Epic 4G, etc).  How does the Captivate hold up to my (often hyper)criticism?  Can I successfully remove the battery door without a heart attack?  Find out after the break!

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Samsung Captivate goes on sale July 18th for $200, Vibrant moved up to July 15th

The only official Galaxy S release date we have so far is T-Mobile’s. T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant, which is the T-Mobile branded Galaxy S, was set for July 21st. Yesterday word spread like a wildfire when blog sites began hearing that the Samsung Vibrant release date has been pushed forward to July 15th. This is a rarity as most handset launches are delayed. When the word first got out, our original thought was that the Vibrant was moved forward to compete with the July 15th Droid X release. Now it is looking like Read more of this post

Samsung Galaxy S lands on AT&T, renamed to Samsung Captivate

We all know the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S by now. What we have been waiting for is a release date and some carrier info. We recently saw a FCC filing that shows the Samsung Galaxy S with T-Mobile 3G bands. Even after seeing that recent FCC filing, the Samsung Galaxy S may land on AT&T first. AT&T announced the re-branded Galaxy S as the Samsung Captivate this morning. They offer a full press release on the device and say it will arrive in the coming months. Curious that it won’t be in the coming weeks. We have heard an end of July time frame for the Galaxy S so there is still a chance that it might land on another U.S. carrier first. Either way it is looking like the Galaxy S might just be landing on that 110 countries around the world like we heard before. You might just want to hold off on that iPhone 4 purchase, unless of course AT&T strips out the phones basic functionality. Check out the press release after the break… Read more of this post