CES: Samsung 4G LTE phone, AKA the SCH i520

Image via Engadget

Yesterday AT&T announced the super awesome Super AMOLED Plus Infuse. Though the phone is exclusive to AT&T, Samsung didn’t leave Verizon out. Today at Verizon’s event we saw the announcement of the Samsung 4G LTE phone. This is what they are calling it for now, however we assume it will probably have a name closer to launch. This phone is NOT rocking the 1.2ghz humming bird, and it doesn’t have a 4.5″ screen, but it’s still no slouch. In fact, this phone makes the Samsung Fascinate which is already on Verizon look pretty old school. So here is what’s new.

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Samsung Captivate goes on sale July 18th for $200, Vibrant moved up to July 15th

The only official Galaxy S release date we have so far is T-Mobile’s. T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant, which is the T-Mobile branded Galaxy S, was set for July 21st. Yesterday word spread like a wildfire when blog sites began hearing that the Samsung Vibrant release date has been pushed forward to July 15th. This is a rarity as most handset launches are delayed. When the word first got out, our original thought was that the Vibrant was moved forward to compete with the July 15th Droid X release. Now it is looking like Read more of this post

Samsung’s Galaxy S has a “gyroscope” like the iPhone 4

So we all thought it was revolutionary that the iPhone 4 came with a shiny new gyroscope? Well it is, but they aren’t the only ones who thought of it. Normally you see Apple lead the way and other companies follow shortly after. It briefly seemed like this was going to be the case until the fact that the Galaxy S has a gyroscope just like the iPhone 4 was realized. Read more of this post

Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile is officially official, details spilled

The Vibrant is one of the bigger deals in all of this Samsung Galaxy S madness. It doesn’t necessarily have the best specs if you like 4G and a front facing camera which you can find on the Sprint Epic. However, it is the first “Super Phone” to land on T-Mobile’s shelves. Yes shelves specifically. The Nexus One was an internet only device for those in the know. The Vibrant will be marketed by T-Mobile and Samsung and will be there in the store for you to try. In-fact, at least on paper, the Samsung Vibrant out does the Nexus. Better screen, bigger screen, faster processor with a better GPU, and the option of using any mobile plan. The Vibrant is an awesome phone and will be a delight to have on T-Mobile. Now on to those specs. Which I am not going to post here because this is another Samsung Galaxy S. You can check out those specs here. You can pick up this phone for $199 on July 21st. Check out the full press release after the break…

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Samsung Galaxy S hits US Cellular

Yes, following up on all of the Android/Galaxy S news. We now also know that the Samsung Galaxy S will be landing on US Cellular as well. This now makes the Galaxy S on 5 carriers in the States. To spare the readers from any spam, I am not going to write the specs in this post. I have all the Galaxy S specs and details located here. They say this device will be available in the Fall. So lets hope that means early Fall not the end of. Check out the full press release after the break… Read more of this post

Samsung Fascinate hits Verizon, another Galaxy S

Today is the big Samsung day apparently. There is a new launch for everyone! Along with the new Epic, Captivate, and Vibrant, we now have the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon. This is another variant of the Galaxy S and it still looks great. if you are curious what the specifications on the Galaxy S are head over to here and find out. There is still no release date or price exactly, but if we had to guess we would say end of summer for $199.99. For the full press release click the read more link! Read more of this post

Samsung expects to double its market share with the Galaxy S

Samsung is serious about smartphones. The Galaxy S is on its way to the United States very soon. Samsung is also said to be bringing it to 109 other countries. We have touched on this before, but Samsung felt compelled to reveal that they expect this to be a huge year for them because of Android and the Galaxy S. According to BusinessWeek, Samsung plans to grow to more than 10% of the global smartphone market by the end of 2010 due to the Galaxy S. So what do we do? We sit back and watch as Samsung does what it can to make its name known in the modern smartphone market. I am not going to lie, I am truly looking forward to being able to say, “I told you so!”.

[Via BusinessWeek]

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Samsung Galaxy S lands on AT&T, renamed to Samsung Captivate

We all know the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S by now. What we have been waiting for is a release date and some carrier info. We recently saw a FCC filing that shows the Samsung Galaxy S with T-Mobile 3G bands. Even after seeing that recent FCC filing, the Samsung Galaxy S may land on AT&T first. AT&T announced the re-branded Galaxy S as the Samsung Captivate this morning. They offer a full press release on the device and say it will arrive in the coming months. Curious that it won’t be in the coming weeks. We have heard an end of July time frame for the Galaxy S so there is still a chance that it might land on another U.S. carrier first. Either way it is looking like the Galaxy S might just be landing on that 110 countries around the world like we heard before. You might just want to hold off on that iPhone 4 purchase, unless of course AT&T strips out the phones basic functionality. Check out the press release after the break… Read more of this post

Samsung Galaxy S ‘Pro’ with a keyboard caught on camera?

There is a rumor going around the net right now that this shiny new device in you see above in the semi blurry photo is actually a variant of the Galaxy S. It is the Galaxy S ‘Pro’ which is expected to be the exact same thing as the Galaxy S, but with a keyboard included. Possibly a replacement for the Samsung Moment. Whatever this is, if its rockin the 1Ghz processor, 4″ Super AMOLED screen, and the latest version of Android…. Please please please count me in! Great Android devices with keyboards is still the problem these days.

[Via Androidcommunity]

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Samsung’s Galaxy S may be the biggest Android phone ever, heres why

Samsung has kind of been all over the place when it comes to smartphones. They have phones with Windows Mobile, Android, Bada, and soon Windows Phone 7. Until now it has been unclear as to which platform is most important to them and how they are even going about their mobile strategy. From a third-party perspective, one perspective that observes the launch and marketing of phones each time there is a new one, from someone who has been pleased with Apple’s marketing and displeased with Palm’s, and can clearly see the results because of it, I feel I am entitled to a detailed opinion on the matter. Let’s take a brief look at Samsung’s recent past, what they have tried, and where they are headed. Read more of this post