Recent data shows iPhone still in a commanding lead over Android

Nielsen Wire has put up some graphs, charts, and the usual yesterday. Measuring the ever impressive smartphone market share. As you can see in the graph above, the iPhone still holds a commanding lead. So commanding in fact that it is still 3 times larger than that of the  Android OS. The smartphone market in general is said to have grown to 23% in quarter 1 of 2010 up from 16% in quarter 4 of 2009. During this growth both Android and iPhone OS grew 2%. In that same period of time, current leader RIM and Windows Mobile, both lost 2% of their market share. So what does this all mean in a nutshell? iPhone is huge, Android is growing, RIM and Microsoft are slowly but surely losing and that Palm and Nokia need to get it together in North America. I think it also shows that smartphones in general still have room to grow. The fact that only 23% of phone users use a smartphone means there are still so many millions of potential customers that these companies can still attract. Come on feature phone users buy a smartphone!

[Via Neilsen Wire]

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