CES: AT&T announces the Samsung Infuse, Galaxy S with new 1.2ghz Hummingbird and 4.5inch Super AMOLED Plus

Would you look at that? It finally happened. AT&T is getting serious about Android. It only took about 2 and 1/2 years, but it happened. Well, at least from my point of view, all can be forgiven. AT&T just announced the new super beast phone called the Samsung Infuse. The Samsung Infuse is, at least at the moment, the highest of high-end phones. It makes all other Samsung Galaxy S devices look pretty old (especially since they are all still stuck on Android 2.1 here in the United States). Here is a run down of what this new phone is packing.

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Samsung Epic 4G on sale today at Sprint and Amazon

Sprint’s second 4G device, the Samsung Epic has finally hit the store shelves today. The latest Android device from Sprint packing 3G/4G bands is on sale at the Sprint website for $249.99 for new customers or qualified upgrade customers on a two year, or if you wait until later today the hot device can be had for $199.99 over at Amazon. So what are you waiting for? You know you want this Epic device.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S tablet spotted, caught on a pretty blurry camera

As we wait for Samsung to make their official announcements about the Galaxy S tablet AKA Galaxy Tab, we will be searching for clues. Today the first clue has emerged. Someone riding on a public transport is using what looks to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It has a 7″ screen according to the guy using it, but he wasn’t able to give too many more details. The tablet looked pretty small, but it also looked quite thick for its size. The Galaxy Tab for those who don’t know yet, is an Android tablet running OS 2.1, has an 800×480 resolution display, and has Samsung’s Hummingbird processor inside. There are very few, if any, official details about the device, but Samsung is supposed to announce it very soon. So if you want to whet your appetite, check out the video after the break…

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Non-rooted Nexus gets dressed up in Samsung TouchWiz UI

Looks like the guys over at XDA Dev site put together an app that allows the Samsung TouchWiz UI to load up on your Nexus One. Why someone would want to spoil the pure Android OS is beyond me, but I have to admit that it looks pretty damn nice. It works with both Eclair and Froyo so if you have an hankering for some TouchWiz juice, head on over to their site and check it out.

[via XDA Developers thru Engadget]

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Android ‘Gingerbread’ To Substantially Change UI


TechCrunch has posted an article outlining the details of various rumors, said to come from sources “close” to Google, detailing Google’s newfound drive to eliminate the need for device-specific UI’s (MotoBlur, Sense UI, TouchWiz, etc).  TC’s sources claim that the Android Dev team has the core features of Google’s flagship OS more or less where they want them, but promise coming tweaks.  The coming release of Android, Gingerbread, is said to feature heavy UI changes in an attempt to enhance the overall user experience of a stock Android device, and it is speculated that it will resemble iOS more closely.  As TechCrunch notes, the fragmentation of Android handsets could pose to be a significant disadvantage to Google’s efforts, much in the same way Microsoft’s Windows platform’s user interface is light years behind Apple OS X in terms of accessibility.  You really can’t help but to relate the current Android/iOS battle to the now ancient Windows/Mac battle to the (near)death in the early 90’s.  Apple had a significantly better user interface, but kept their hardware and software under lock and key, ensuring prices much higher than the less visually appealing, but equally capable, hardware fragmented ‘PC’ market.  Wether or not history will repeat itsself (I’m inclined to believe so, restriction fosters adaptation) is guess work at best, but the potential advances caused by attrition in this war are going to be delicious.

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Samsung Wave with Bada and TouchWiz 3 now available in Europe

The Samsung Wave had its official coming out party MWC 2010 and is now hitting the market. The new Samsung Wave, which is running Samsung’s new OS titled ‘Bada’, is now available in Europe. The Samsung Wave features the first Super AMOLED screen to hit the market, has a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, features Touch Wiz 3, Samsung apps, a 5 MP Camera that can record 720P video, and features both BlueTooth 3.0 and WifI 802.11n. It touts this phone as being the first to market with both Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n. Cool yes, but is Bada good enough to compete with Android, iPhone, or even Nokia out in Europe? I think it is going to be a tough sell. Bada is a brand new OS with limited app store when compared to Android and iPhone. Bada features Samsung Apps which is their new ecosystem that is already featured on Symbian and Samsung branded Windows Mobile phones, but the apps are still in small numbers when compared to market leaders. Samsung still needs to work on getting developers interested in Bada. Samsung is not putting all its eggs in one basket by any means, we are expecting to see a Samsung branded Windows Phone 7, Android, and possibly more Symbian devices later in 2010. Samsung is dipping its toes in the ‘Bada’ (lol yes it means Ocean). We will sit back and watch how it all plays out.

[Via Phonescoop]

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