[Video-How to] Install Android and WP7 on HTC HD2

Thanks to the guys over at XDA dev forums, this video shows you how to install both Android and WP7 on your HTC HD2. Follow the walk-through video above to make your hot little HD2 dual boot both OS’. And note that we are not responsible if you brick your device.

[via XDA dev forums]


[How-to] Revert Your Captivate To Stock with Odin3 “One-Click”!

So, you got yourself a shiny new AT&T Captivate.  Great, fantastic device; SuperAMOLED, Hummingbird, blah blah.  As any new Android user, you hop on the interwebs and get to Googling.  Slowly, over time, the inevitable happens; you stumble onto xda-developers.com.  You see the light.  Within hours, you’re on your third rom, the thirst for speed clouds your judgement.  Life is great, your device is flying, multitasking with gusto.  It’s at this point the tech Gods decide to rain on your parade, or, more precisely, your Captivate.  The speaker is dead, the rain markers are clear, time for insurance.  But wait!  You’re running CFW.  They’ll never replace a device that has so blatantly been modified.  In comes Odin3.  With just “one-click” (really a few more than that), you’ll have your Captivate SGS back to factory specifications with none the wiser (it’ll also help in ‘bricked’ devices).  Hit the link for directions and downloads!

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Super Mario live wallpaper makes anyone envy this platform

Whether you hate, love, despise, or are in a happy middle when it comes to Android, there is no denying just how cool this is. The developer Pikipirs has developed his second application and its a doozy. This new app he developed is a live wallpaper and it is the coolest live wallpaper ever. Super Mario! There is nothing in the world cooler than seeing a pre-recorded Mario running through levels in the background of your phone all day long. The live wallpaper has some settings to customize FPS, behavior, and difficulty of the levels. All you have to do is use your phone like normal and gush at the fact that Mario is living through your phones wallpaper. I guarantee no matter who you show this too, they will inevitably be impressed. See it in action and get it for yourself after the break!

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[How-To] Root Your T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

Less than a month after including the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide (HTC Espresso) to their list of supported phones, a member of xda has successfully rooted the device. You know the deal now, hit the link for instructions, a link to the thread, and a video detailing the process.

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AdFree Work-around For Rooted HTC Evo Users

So, you rooted your HTC Evo, hoping to reap the benefits that the rest of the Android community has long been accustomed to only to find that you can’t write to the /system folder!  What’s that matter you ask?  Well Jimmy, in order to use one of the most fantastic root requiring applications, AdFree, the system user must be able to write to your phone’s host file.  Well, fret you not!  Again, the devs over at XDA have come up with a work around, hit the link for step by step instructions. Read more of this post

CDMA Sprint HTC Hero 2.1 Update Rooted – Instructions Included

The second Sprint customers began recieving the Android 2.1 update, the clamour for a root method for the new firmware has been deafening.  Word has it, someone over at XDA-Developers has danced those basement-dwelling digits across their keyboard and yet again was able to allow elevated permissions on the device. klik it fo sum info.

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